About Karen & Lenny

We are Karen and Lenny Hummel and have been fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to work in the Food Service and Hospitality business for the past 40 years in North Bay. 

With experience in owning and operating our own restaurant, we have have created a safe and welcoming environment in our kitchen that is surrounded by our love of food. I have experienced being the Director of Food Services at Canadore College and Nipissing University, and we have both worked a combined 25 years at the North Bay Golf and Country Club. All said, it proves that we thrive on commitment, hard work and enjoy facing the challenges reaping the benefits and success with our partners in business.

Entering into what could be the final chapter of our careers, we are now fortunate to be operating out of the culinary kitchen in the cafeteria at St. Joseph Scollard Hall High School. During the past two years we have had great fun with the staff and students of SJSH and have created a first class Food Service cafeteria experience that the school and community is proud of.


During this pandemic and these unprecedented times, it became clear that we needed to adapt and change with the times and offer take-out meals as a necessity for the community we have grown to love for all of these years. With a great deal of encouragement from family, friends and former customers to add a new dimension to what we do at SJSH and getting into the Take-Out Food Service business.

We enjoy making fresh food with fresh ingredients and enjoy sharing it with all of our customers. So, please enjoy the website with pictures, descriptions, cooking instructions and most of all, enjoy the great food we make with love and passion.